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Book review: Coco Chanel, The Legend and The Life

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I chose to read the biography of Coco Chanel by Justine Picardie. Was it all about fashion? I remember a movie I saw about her, and what I remember most is that Coco Chanel was not at all the stylish, female lady I thought she was: more of a tomboy. But I wás curious about the empire she built. Especially back in those days, it was not simple to be a business woman, I presume. What inspired her Chanels childhood is a bit of a tragedy. A poor family: a father who abandoned her, her mother who died while the young girls were at home. Picardie speaks of the influence her father had: she cut her hair short because her father didn’t like the smell of dirty hair. Supposedly, her christening gown, sent by her father from the United States, was the first dress she had a true emotion with, and became the inspiration to the many dresses that would follow. In many ways, it seems like Chanels …

Kasteel de Haar Utrecht

Society networking: herring, castles and hats

The location: Castle De Haar. The dresscode: Tenue de Ville with hat. The occassion: the first herring catch of the year… Yes, I attended this oldest dutch networking event, as I was invited by a customer of ours.    Herring The typical dutch tradition of eating herring… I always find it somewhat funny, that foreigners cannot imagine eating raw fish like that. Well… ever had Sashimi? Yes, I happen to love herring. So this was a true treat. The “54e Nationale Haringpartij” had ten fishmongers representing their location, and were judged on originality in representing the herring. So, we tried herring on ryebread, herring sushi, herring salad, herring soup… I was actually quite glad there also was some paella as well. I was too late for the Oysters though, bummer… Schuitemaker Vis, from Katwijk, won the contest.  Society networking This was the 54th version of the event, a true society and closed networking event. As I got the invitation one day before (great planning..) I had to quickly origanise a hat. (Yay! A hat event!) …