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Personal Trainer, with his back facing the camera, looking at a gym

Personal training… Lessons for managers

I have been working out with a personal trainer for almost ten years. When I worked in the United States, I first came across the phenomenon and, as my prior US adventure had me gain 10kg, I was determined to prevent that from happening, so I got some help… Nowadays, my weekly personal training session is one thing I cannot live without. Not just for my shape and overall condition, it is also a great way to get your mind of things, release stress, anger (lóóóve boxing), and to be honest, my poor trainers were often half shrink as well. Thanks guys, for sticking with me 😉 Today I was training with my current Italian trainer, who worked me very hard, and said, “Yes I know, I’m a son of a b*tch, sorry” . I responded: ” Well, I need you to be. So no apologies.” He told me about this client of his, whos former trainer was really nice. He drank coffee with him, asked him about his wellbeing, explained everything twice, didn’t give …