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The challenge, second week: all setup

So, I decided to Get Prepared. I started the second week, with a thorough plan. No more improvising groceries. No more thoughts about outfits. So, I made a change, starting with groceries. One of the reasons why I always end up going to the grocery store three(!) times, is because I think of a recipe I want to cook. Then, I tend to forget half of the groceries. And afterwards, I add a desert to the menu. And guess what, then I need to get those ingredients… Again. This time, I was going to do it differently. I found two great recipes: a lentil salad and a South African meatloaf dish. And, I decided to order my groceries. Ordering online is lovely, because you actually can use the search box to find ingredients. No more strolling through the supermarket. Oh, and if they don’t have an ingredient, you can just google ‘replacement for…’ So, my online grocery basket was filled. Took me only 15 mins. The biggest challenge was to be home at the time …


Pikaplant: funding to water my plants

I came home one evening and emptied my mailbox. To my suprise, between all the flyers (I still need a sticker on my mailbox. Note to self.) I found this little card. It had a picture of a beautifully designed plateau with lovely fresh plants. But what triggered me, was the “Kickstarter” logo. Kickstarter Several months earlier, I was introduced to kickstarter: a platform for crowdfunding. At that time, my office was working on our own crowdfunding platform, so ofcourse this one intrigued me. The products, and especially the movies of their really inspired creators, really energized me. I remember a man from Kenia who made belts and bracelets with a story: you were able to see where, by whom an how they were created. And supported the local economy by funding. Very Artisan. I also remember “Homey”, the voice controlled house automation. Siri – eat your heart out Online meets mailmarketing So, I was very surprised to see this product, that is on, on a postcard in my mailbox. No stamp, no address, …