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Book review: Reset, make the most of your stress

Standing at the Self Help Books area in Barnes And Nobles, New York, I was quite overwhelmed by the amount of topics one can help herself in. I was in New York for a short holiday, to get away from it all and energize, and I heard my therapist in the back of my mind, saying “recharging in NY is not a solution, Laura. It is an instrument, but it’s effects will wear out. You’ll have to make real changes”. Yeah yeah yeah. So, stressed out from all the choices in self help books, I stumbled upon this one. RESET: Make the most of your stress. Admittingly, the book appealed to me because of its positive approach towards stress. I happen to think that stress is part of life, and is quite good in some areas. Where would you be without a little adrenaline, right? Well, it took me nearly two months to read it. I have to say, just opening the book gave me an uncomfortable feeling ( But yes, I managed. And honestly, …