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Social Design at the Temporary Fashion Museum

What is a better way to spend a saturday than the opening of the Temporary Fashion Museum? Another exhibition my sister did project management for. I have to say, it took some effort (the A16 to Rotterdam was closed and Ms. Navigation was unable to give me a decent detour) but it was an afternoon well spent. Fleece or Freak? Did you know that one fleece sweater contains the same amount of plastic as many plastic bottles? That’s a whole new approach to recycling, don’t you think. The exhibition of Conny Groenewegen made me aware of this. Thousands (8kg I heard my sister mention) of fleece sweaters were cut into one piece, tied together and used as one big thread to create a new piece of fabric. Recycling at large. It got me thinking about fashion and recycling. Hacked Alexander van Slobbe and Francisco van Benthum, who organized “Hacked”, also thought of that. This exhibition told the story of how large fashion stores such as H&M and Zara, run their logistics so smooth and at large, that …


Hats: dare to wear

It’s Kingsday today. Besides visits to the local flea markets and being amazed by the orange stuff people dare to wear on a day like this, one of the fun parts to me is always The Hat. The Hat – of course, Maxima’s. Next to Prinsjesdag here in the Netherlands, and the Royal Ascot event in the UK, I don’t really know of a Hat Event besides the occasionally spring or summertime wedding. Frankly, I am a little bit jealous. Wearing a hat is something that I really like to do. Although, finding the actual event for it is really hard. So… when cán you wear a hat? I am the proud owner of a Fedora, a Beret, a Cloche, a Panama, a Fur hat. I even used to own a white cowboy hat with swarovski stones. (Which seemed like a good idea when I was 16 and in London. Threw it away when back in Holland and Dutch people started to ask questions about the Naked Cowboy.) But the Sun hat is actually the only …