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The challenge, second week: all setup

So, I decided to Get Prepared. I started the second week, with a thorough plan. No more improvising groceries. No more thoughts about outfits. So, I made a change, starting with groceries. One of the reasons why I always end up going to the grocery store three(!) times, is because I think of a recipe I want to cook. Then, I tend to forget half of the groceries. And afterwards, I add a desert to the menu. And guess what, then I need to get those ingredients… Again. This time, I was going to do it differently. I found two great recipes: a lentil salad and a South African meatloaf dish. And, I decided to order my groceries. Ordering online is lovely, because you actually can use the search box to find ingredients. No more strolling through the supermarket. Oh, and if they don’t have an ingredient, you can just google ‘replacement for…’ So, my online grocery basket was filled. Took me only 15 mins. The biggest challenge was to be home at the time …


The Lurch: my new asparagus peeler

This weekend, I was at Duikelman. For those of you who don’t know Duikelmans but love cooking, you’re missing out! This store – what, three stores in the same street – are foodlovers heaven. I was there to pickup my Kenwood Cooking Chef Juicer, but I couldn’t resist. And I found an excellent product… an asparagus peeling machine! Whoa… It is the season. I just lóóóve asparagus. A la flammande especially. They are healthy and lovely. (Okay, maybe not the sauce..) But, I hate peeling them. First of all, I am never very handy in maneuvering them so I usually cut more fingers than aspargus. And second, it takes sooo much time! Now, at Duikelmans, they explained that this was thé king among asparagus peelers. Instant result. I love timesaving lifehacks! Yep, now  The Lurch (funnily enough also The Adams Family manservant, try googling 😉 ) is installed on the kitchen table. And of course, we had to eat asparagus right away. To be honest, the time I saved on peeling them (you only need …