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The challenge, second week: all setup

Calendar.On Blank Desk.

So, I decided to Get Prepared. I started the second week, with a thorough plan. No more improvising groceries. No more thoughts about outfits. So, I made a change, starting with groceries. One of the reasons why I always end up going to the grocery store three(!) times, is because I think of a recipe I want to cook. Then, I tend to forget half of the groceries. And afterwards, I add a desert to the menu. And guess what, then I need to get those ingredients… Again.

This time, I was going to do it differently. I found two great recipes: a lentil salad and a South African meatloaf dish. And, I decided to order my groceries. Ordering online is lovely, because you actually can use the search box to find ingredients. No more strolling through the supermarket. Oh, and if they don’t have an ingredient, you can just google ‘replacement for…’ So, my online grocery basket was filled. Took me only 15 mins. The biggest challenge was to be home at the time of delivery… Truthfully, around delivery time 6-9, the weather was amazing, so I choose to have drinks and diner at the terrace of the restaurant next to my house. Quite funny to see the delivery boy calling, from my table.. Yes yes, am there with a second… Hold on… But hey, I nailed it:)

Outfits was also a great experience. Where I usually end up going to bed, exhausted, Sunday night, I now did the following:

  • Checked the weather, do I need jackets or shirts?
  • Checked my calendar, any formal appointments?
  • Set up five outfits
  • Matched accessories

Amazing! My mornings now literally exist of workout, showering, coffee, dressing, go to work. I am certain I saved 15-30 minutes fidgeting over what am I going to wear! Okay, the part where I checked my calendar, was a bit funny. I actually had a meeting with a really big client, so during preparation time I chose my Hugo Boss suit. Monday I heard, the meeting was canceled, but hey, I had my outfit picked already. So I just wore it to the office, and actually got many compliments and questions ‘why do you look so nice today?’ :) Well, because I have a plan and I’m going to stick to it, whoever cancels on me!

Yes, I am starting to get used to this. So, up for the final week!


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