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The Lurch: my new asparagus peeler


This weekend, I was at Duikelman. For those of you who don’t know Duikelmans but love cooking, you’re missing out! This store – what, three stores in the same street – are foodlovers heaven. I was there to pickup my Kenwood Cooking Chef Juicer, but I couldn’t resist. And I found an excellent product… an asparagus peeling machine! Whoa…

It is the season. I just lóóóve asparagus. A la flammande especially. They are healthy and lovely. (Okay, maybe not the sauce..) But, I hate peeling them. First of all, I am never very handy in maneuvering them so I usually cut more fingers than aspargus. And second, it takes sooo much time!

Now, at Duikelmans, they explained that this was thé king among asparagus peelers. Instant result. I love timesaving lifehacks! Yep, now  The Lurch (funnily enough also The Adams Family manservant, try googling 😉 ) is installed on the kitchen table. And of course, we had to eat asparagus right away. To be honest, the time I saved on peeling them (you only need to push them through. Brilliant) I spent on creating Bearnaise sauce from the book “Sauzen” by Erik van Loo. With home-made castrics (okay, I did make a liter. So next time I’ll save time again).

Amazing lifehack for Asparagus-lovers. gives a really bad review, but I don’t agree. You have to push them through two times, and then they are properly peeled.

Watch the movie for enjoyable Tell-sell moments….

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