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30 day Challenge: week 1 – point zero

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The first week of my May 30 days challenge! To know what the outcome is, I needed real confrontation first. A summary of a week without planning…

So, Food. The weekend started with checking out what was still in the fridge. I made a salad of all leftovers. Sunday I actually woke up to Jamie’s 30 minute meals on TV, which inspired me to make his sweet potato mash with broccoli and panga filet. Of course, in the weekend I had enough time to do the grocery shopping (Exhibit A) the same day. So, off I went with a little list of Jamies recipe. The leftovers I took to work for lunch Monday. Still so happy I didn’t forget to bring them!

Monday evening, I was home quite late so decided to check what was still in the freezer. Steaming some dim sums did the trick. Well, Wednesday my boyfriend came back from a trip abroad. We decided to order some sushi. (Exhibit 1) Tuesday I actually went grocery shopping twice: first (B) because I was at a client all day, and there was no lunch opportunity there, so I went to the grocery store to buy some. Then in the evening, I felt like cooking so quickly did some grocery shopping (C) – again – and made a quick curry. Friday I had a drink from work so only had some teriyaki sate (2) as appetizer. Saturday we checked out this new little restaurant so we ate out. (3)

So, the score of this unprepared week: three times grocery shopping, (3hrs) results being two decent prepared meals, but an empty fridge, and an empty freezer. Three days of eating out. Hmmmm.

On the clothes department, I didn’t do much better…  Where I spent the weekend mainly in jeans and a shirt (nearest available), I took some clothes to the office with me wednesday as I decided to work out first. The random stuff I trew in my gym bag, first took me 20 mins to grab, but when putting it on later at work, it was quite a mismatch. Since I did manage to do all my laundry in the weekend, I was able to wear my favorite jeans and jacket twice, but the shoes that I wanted to go with that, were at the shoe shop. So, At the office I switched my flats for the heels I had in the trunk of my car (yes I know… I’m horrible) of which I halfway through the day decided that I was unable to walk on them. And yes, was then reminded how they ended up in the trunk of my car. Failure. The result of this unprepared week: I wore jeans the entire week and had at least two days where I was uncomfortable with the actual outfit.

So, time for improvement! Starting this Sunday, I will start a habit of preparation for food and clothing. Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going!


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