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Passion for Passionata


No, it’s not the lingerie. Though, it is certainly just as sweet… Meet Passionata. The bést Italian traiteur in Naarden Vesting.

My sister and I like to spend our saturdays hunting for vintage treasures for my sister to sell in het webshop. There’s a place in Naarden Vesting where we always succeed. And no, I’m not going to tell you about that – it’s our little secret.

But, getting back to treasures. Italian treasures. Passionata is a little store plus lunchroom. Which basically means, that you can eat a great meal and then buy more for later…

 Why I love this place so much? Well, their Salade di Parma is thé best ever. We  always order the same… Made with fresh mozarella, tomatoes, excellent pesto, great black marinated olives, coppa di parma – I just can’t resist.

Then, their store. Today I bought Torres crisps with truffel and herbs flavour, they are new to their collection. I was wondering whether this is the same Torres Brand, of the famous Torres wine. But when I googled them ( that’s not the case. Funny though, that they can use the same brand. Well, I cannot review yet as I’ll leave them untouched until my boyfriend is back from his trip abroad – will be continued…

Besides wine, italian cookies, pasta – also many olive oils or balsamic vinegar can be found at Passionata. They also do catering I noticed, which is an excellent idea for our next ambassador lunch at the office.

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  1. Hi Laura, thank You so much for the compliments and the nice article you wrote.
    Maybe it’s nice that i can share your article on our facebook page, so more people can read the article You wrote. If you send me the link or what i need, i will put it on the page.
    Thanks again and hope to see you soon.
    Chantal Jansen, Passionata Traiteur & Catering

    • Laura_wz says

      Hi Chantal,
      Thanks for your reply! Of course you can share, I just added brand new share-buttons to all articles, so feel free to use them :)

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