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Glass, the exhibition

The Crystal Palace

Today, I  was at the opening of Glass, an exhibition which my sister organized. Funny, how someone so close to you, can work in such a totally different artsy world. She gave us the grande tour.

The exhibition was part of a larger one, about the World Conference. Little did I know about this. True, I do know some of the varia: only two of the artifacts especially built for these events – the Eiffel Tower and the Atomium – still exist. How’s that for trivia, eh?

When I first heard about the conference, I though of glasswork like we all drink out of. As I recently visited the Hermitage and its collection of dinnerware for the Russian empress, I thought we’d stay in the same genre. This wasn’t the case however, it was all about the added value of t

he material. Glass as part of lenses, that helped discovery of foreign planets. Or as part of lab ware, which helped medicine. Glass as part of anatomy lessons. Or as light bulbs. And… Glass fibre. Did you know that the first way glass fibre was used, was in a dress? Now it connects everyone to the Internet. Who knows what the future of cotton could be 😉

I really never though of it like that. Putting my glasses on while typing this message, it again amazes me how something can be part of your life without giving it a second thought. Imagine this material would not exist. The single thought reminds me of that movie, Lord of the Flies. I remember seeing it when I was young. The part where the little kid gets his glasses broken, and is stuck on a deserted island without its sight – or an optician – always scared the crap out of me. Who knew you could be so dependent on material? Where nowadays, there are quite some alternatives for glasses (although getting your eyes lasered on a deserted island probably isn’t a good option either) but the alternative for glass fibre is not yet found…

By the way, the glass ceiling was nowhere to be found… 😉

If you’d like to visit the exhibition, it is in Het Nieuwe Instituut till August. Enjoy!


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  1. Jorrit Blok says

    Having visited the exposition with you, I have a question. Did you notice that all of the glass was clean? That you could actually see through it? I really have a fascination with glass myself. However, my glass needs to be clean all the time. Spotless, polished. I love the automatic doors that are so clean that you run in to them, not noticing they are there. I love wine glasses that are polished to a degree that the wine seems to dance inside them, as if it were not really touching the glass itself, but was floating on an invisible layer of electrons. I love your new glasses, they look very good on you. But only when you do not forget to polish them before putting them on:)

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