Month: april 2015


Hats: dare to wear

It’s Kingsday today. Besides visits to the local flea markets and being amazed by the orange stuff people dare to wear on a day like this, one of the fun parts to me is always The Hat. The Hat – of course, Maxima’s. Next to Prinsjesdag here in the Netherlands, and the Royal Ascot event in the UK, I don’t really know of a Hat Event besides the occasionally spring or summertime wedding. Frankly, I am a little bit jealous. Wearing a hat is something that I really like to do. Although, finding the actual event for it is really hard. So… when cán you wear a hat? I am the proud owner of a Fedora, a Beret, a Cloche, a Panama, a Fur hat. I even used to own a white cowboy hat with swarovski stones. (Which seemed like a good idea when I was 16 and in London. Threw it away when back in Holland and Dutch people started to ask questions about the Naked Cowboy.) But the Sun hat is actually the only …


Macarons and Manhattan

Visiting partners is always nice, especially the ones abroad. It gives you an opportunity to see what working in London / Paris / New York / etc. would be like. This time, we were in Manhattan. It was an interesting visit, where ‘a lunch together’ meant that the assistant picked up a variety of Subway sandwiched, and we could make our pick. Um, yeah….? So, finishing up the business meeting – we found ourselves at 57th street. Where, all of a sudden – I noticed the Russian Tearoom. Do you remember that Sex and the City episode? Where Carrie and the Russian have diner? Okay, I have to admit, it may sound really tacky, but ofcourse I could not go by without an experience like that. So, I told my beau we just nééded to have a high tea there. So. Imagine… Curried chicken salad with raisins and pecans, Shrimp salad with rémoulade, Smoked Scottish salmon with chive cream cheese and cucumber, Artichoke with red pepper and a sun-dried tomato goat cheese, Smoked ham and turkey with truffle croque monsieur, N.Y smoked …

The Crystal Palace

Glass, the exhibition

Today, I  was at the opening of Glass, an exhibition which my sister organized. Funny, how someone so close to you, can work in such a totally different artsy world. She gave us the grande tour. The exhibition was part of a larger one, about the World Conference. Little did I know about this. True, I do know some of the varia: only two of the artifacts especially built for these events – the Eiffel Tower and the Atomium – still exist. How’s that for trivia, eh? When I first heard about the conference, I though of glasswork like we all drink out of. As I recently visited the Hermitage and its collection of dinnerware for the Russian empress, I thought we’d stay in the same genre. This wasn’t the case however, it was all about the added value of t he material. Glass as part of lenses, that helped discovery of foreign planets. Or as part of lab ware, which helped medicine. Glass as part of anatomy lessons. Or as light bulbs. And… Glass …